“Don’t Drink & Drive”, if you do, ‘Yamraj’ is sitting next to you!

20 Sep

India is a god fearing country or would say a god loving country where people are surrounded with myths and beliefs and not to forget a remembrance of God before doing any sin or win. But there is one God; with whom everybody loves to maintain a distance, ‘Yamraj’, God of Death.


With the increase in number of cases of drunken driving, the Delhi Traffic Police has decided to show this ‘Yamraj’ video to the offenders to expose them to the aftermath of drunken driving. In this video, a giant big man with heavy moustache, golden jewellery and Gada in his one hand is dressed like a ‘Yamraj’ and gives away the surprises to the offenders in number of ways to make them realize of the consequences of their actions. Currently the video is being used by the Chennai Traffic Police. And now its Dilliwalaas time. Also, there is a strong planning to show this video in the movie halls during interval or at the beginning of the movie, so that the video/message gets noticed. By making no heated arguments, this is a creative and an interactive way to give a lesson to the defaulters.

WATCH, Here is the youtube link attached:

“Don’t Drink and Drive”

Love your life! It’s precious.

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